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Welcome to the UFO-Free Ghost Lights Page, serving you information on ghostlights, spooklights, and other nocturnal lights. This natural phenomenon is also known as earth lights or will-o'-the-wisps. Here you'll find information and personal experiences of many different anomalous lights. This is a personal, nonprofit site owned and run by one person without an agenda and welcomes both paranormal and scientific articles. This website does not report on UFO's or aliens.

The Forum has moved

The UFO-Free Message Board has been updated and resides at a slightly different location:

Please update your bookmarks.

For forum members, please note that I've reset the domain info for the forum so that it now directs you to the proper domain name ( instead of the old user path with my name in it. You may have to update your bookmarks:

Barn Lights

Added an article about some ghost lights seen around a barn:

Paulding Light

Added four new reader submissions to the Paulding Light page. You can see them on the top.

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