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Oxford Light

Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 19:58:17 EDT
Subject: Ghost light in Oxford Ohio

I went to college in Oxford Ohio and was soon told about "the light." Needless to say I had to see for myself so a friend took me there.

the story with this light is that a young man was racing on his motorcycle to meet his girlfriend and ask for her hand. It was raining and dark and this road is very hilly with a sharp curve at the end. A tractor was coming around the curve and saw the guy on the motorcycle coming and flashed his lights to warn him to stop. the young man could not stop in time and was killed instantly (some say decapitated).

Now, you can go to the top of the street where the tractor was and flash your lights. Soon, you will see a light coming towards you-appearing and disappearing as he crests the hills. Then, the light disappears a few hills from you.

This is on a country road with no traffic and it is so quiet out there it is scary. I have seen this dozens of times and even tried chasing the light to see if it was a hoax. You never hear any just see a light. A friend of mine said he had this on video but then could not find it. He also said that once the light passed thru his car. He was waiting several hills away from the curve while his friends flashed their lights. the light appeared and went thru his car. This was the last time he went back until he took me the last time I went.

I just thought you might want to know about this light in case you never had. For a long time I was addicted to going and seeing it. I was so amazed by it.

Alex Graham

Oxford Light (2)

Subject: motorcycle ghost
Date: Tuesday, November 13, 2001 6:14 PM

I also saw the motorcycle "ghost."

I thought I would never tell this story again since every time I do I'm greeted with skepticism. I'm not saying that what I saw was supernatural. All I'm saying is I saw it.

I was a freshman at Miami University during the 1988-89 schoolyear. Toward the end of the year, during finals week, some friends and I were hanging out in my friend Kevin's room in Collins Hall eating pizza, etc. We were bored and tired of studying. Though Miami is a no-car campus, I had my parents' Accord since I'd need it to move home at the end of the week. Anyway, someone suggested that we go looking for the motorcycle ghost. We asked a guy named Dave, who grew up in Oxford, where to go and he gave us directions. Four of us piled into my car and headed out into the country.

I can't remember where we went exactly, but we did drive east out of town, past the football stadium, and continued deep into the darkness of the surrounding cornfields. Eventually the road got narrow and the pavement ended. We got to where we thought Dave had told us to go, turned around, and I flashed the headlights three times. Nothing happened.

We all felt stupid as we drove back to the dorm, and a little mad at Dave for patronizing us. When he asked us to describe where we'd gone, however, he said we went to the wrong place. He volunteered to come with us if we were willing to try it again.

As I said, it was late and we all had finals. Plus I felt stupid, so I didn't want to go. The others pleaded with me, however, and I gave into peer pressure. We headed off in the same direction but this time we went even further into the country, probably driving about 15-20 minutes. The road was exactly as the guy in the other story said: narrow, hilly, straight and wooded. We came to the curve in the road, turned around, and I flashed my lights three times.

For a few seconds, I sat in the driver seat staring into darkness and feeling really stupid. I turned around to face Dave, who was sitting in the middle of the back seat. "How long does this usually take," I asked him. He was looking past me, out the windshield, and I saw his eyes get very big. I turned around and saw, way in the distance, a headlight, just like the other guy described.

The first thing that crossed my mind was that it was a car with one headlight out. Then it sort of dawned on me what I was seeing. It didn't look ghostly or spectral or anything, but it was exactly where it was supposed to be exactly when it was supposed to be there. It didn't make any sound. The difference between my story and the other one is that the headlight I saw appeared to be going up and down the hills as it headed toward us. You could see the glow build on the other side of the hill as it approached the top. It went over 2 or three hills, then disappeared behind another and didn't come up again.

All of us were sort of speechless. I was just thinking that I couldnt have seen what I had just seen. I started the car and sped up to where the light had been. There was nothing but trees on both sides of the road.

It could have been an incredible coincidence. It also could have been someone just fucking with us, but that does not seem very likely since it was very early morning on a weekday.

That is how it happened. There's nothing more to say.

Oxford Light (3)
From: "sephiroth538" (
Subject: ghost light
Date: Tuesday, January 20, 2004 8:58 PM

I have a ghostlight story for you. Me and my friends like going to haunted places and such just for the fun of it. But the only "haunting" that ever worked was the oxford light. A friend just sent me a link from your site featuring a story by a guy about going to it. So far ive seen it nine times and it has only not worked once. The last time i went it didnt work, i think it has to do with the newly placed streetlights on the road. But the light is no hoax and is the creepiest thing i have ever witnessed in my life.


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