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Senath Light

Date: Sat, 19 Jun 1999 00:18:55 -0500
From: Zubrovka (
Subject: Spook Lights

I've been to a location, just across the Mississippi River in Missouri where a spook light appears. A friend in Missouri kept telling me about it and I finally relented to go see it. The location is in the river bottoms along an abandoned rail line and is known as the Senath Light. Getting there requires driving thru miles and miles of desolate farm country on narrow blacktop roads. Then you have to turn off on a gravel road that soon turns to a dirt track. Eventually you can see the built up rail road bed, up ahead and sweeping out of sight to the north.

My friend pulled up near to the old track bed and switched his car off, telling me the light would be traveling south through the curve and then turn around and Go back from where it came. It was pitch black out there the night we went. I thought my friend was full of bs. I was being very sceptical about the whole thing.

Supposedly, some train conductor had fallen off a train and was decapitated and the light was the conductor while looking for his head, swinging his lantern along the track. Someone else told me later that it was the light of the old train, like a ghost train. So there are 2 viewpoints. I don't see any way the light could be reflected from someplace else. Anyway, I saw the light, it got a lot closer to me than I wanted it to and I finally convinced my friend to get the hell out of there. As we sped off, I looked back and the light was traveling in the opposite direction. It was real enough for me, I'll tell you.

A couple of months after that I was in the bottoms again in that general area. my friend and I were out scouting a place to go hunting and we were way back in some big field. (we had gone thru several big fields to get there)

I must of run over some thorns because suddenly we were sitting on 4 flats. Looking back, we should of run the truck out of there on the flats, but we decided to walk out. We walked for a couple of hours and finally found a blacktop road and started walking towards the general direction of a town. I was more perturbed than spooked. But as we went along, we began to pass an old empty farmhouse. It was all grown up with vines and brush. It was pretty errie looking. Bravado was ruling the moment as we both were packing pistols, so we didn't think much of it. We got on down the road when we heard the most god awful woman scream I have ever heard. (I've heard wildcats scream and this wasn't the same) My friend and I looked at each other and picked up speed, away from the house. I never went back to investigate and we went back to my truck in a different way. we had to walk about another 3 hours before we reached help, both of us looking over our shoulders. I guess I'm a 'fraidy cat afterall!


Senath Light (2)

From: "fmotes" (
Subject: Senath Light
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 1999 18:52:29 -0600

My husband and I live about 5 miles from the "Senath " light , or as people around here call it the "Arbyrd " light. We have lived here all our lives. We have been out there hundreds of times trying to see the light (unsuccessfully). However one night about four years ago us and two of our close friends ended up at the "light" on a double date. We shut off the car, flashed our headlights 3 times and waited. After about 30 minutes we saw what appeared to be a car approaching. I'd say it was a 1\4 of a mile from us when we realized it was only one light. It was a ways back then all of a sudden it jumped towards us then backed off then it was coming back. The driver decided to drive into the light. It was like playing chicken then it just dissappeared. We don't know exactly what it was but we were convinced that we'd finally seen the light.

The legend of the light around here is that the light is a ghost of a woman carrying a lantern up and down the road looking for her husband. He was said to have been hung in a nearby tree.

The light is just one of the many mysteries that this particular road has. Rumor has it that a nearby cemetary "Lulu" is also haunted, we personally have yet to experience anything there. Although just past the cemetary is a bridge known to locals as "Crybaby Bridge". If you park on the bridge you can sometimes hear a baby crying. We have heard the sounds on numerous occassions but have no explanation for it. If you have any information about these things please reply.

Senath Light (3)

From: (kammie)
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2000 20:12:04 -0600 (CST)
Subject: the senath light

When I moved from Jonesboro, Arkansas to Blytheville, Arkansas to live with my grandparents, I began to hear stoies from my aunts and uncles about the Senath light. We were on our way to the family reunion in Powhaten, Arkansas one spring and my uncle told me about the Senath light. He said, "See that little cemetary we just passed? There is a road up here to the right , that if you take it you can see the Senath light." Of course I had no idea what he was talking about, but my curiosity was certainly piqued. I asked, " What's that?" He explained the story.

Apparently when you drive by that cemetary the there is a wrought iron fence around it. When you drive by on the way to see the light, the gate is closed. When you get to the road, you park and flash the lights three times to "summon" the ghost light. Then it appears, If you let the light get close enough to touch your car, the car will stall. Then when your drive past the cemetary on the way home the gate is open.

When we got to the family reunion, my cousin and I asked aound about the Senath light, since we had drove there in several vehicles. It seems each of my aunts and uncles had a version of their experience with the Senath light.

Years later, after many family reunions, every time I pass the grave yard, and I do quite often, I kind of look sideways at it. Once I even stopped. The graveyard is strange looking when you drive past. like it is very small. There may be 10 or 12 graves at most. And they are so bunched up it is hard to believe there are people buried there and not pets. I stopped on the way past one day to see for myself if there were people buried in the cemetary and I chickened out before I got acrossed the ditch.

Years later I had my own encounter with the light. I was staying with a friend in a neighboring city after a dance. We were with some other teens and didn't have anything to do. Someone spoke up about the Senath light. I have always been interested in ghost stories and such so I was all for it. Some of the others had seen it before, and knew where it was.

So we set out. We "summoned" the light and it appeared We were far back enough from the highway that we could see cars passing occaisionally, but they were passing behind the light. It was far enought away and so bright that it shined in the hood of the car. I grew bigger and smaller and changed colors also. We had rolled up the windows and locked all the doors. Some one suggested that it was someone holding a spotlight, but i refuse to believe that there is some crazy old man who has been standing in that road every night for decades waiting to be "summoned" and shine his light. Too many peole have witnessed it and there are too many odd things about it. Its brightness for one thing.

My friend who I was staying with that night said that her older sister had photographed the light and when the film was developed there was a skeletal figure in its place on the film. I don't know what to think but I know I witnessed something that I cannot explain. What do you think?

Senath Light (4)

From: "William Chapmon, II" (
Subject: Arbyrd Light
Date: Mon, 1 May 2000 20:43:00 -0400

There is a small town in the south-eastern part of Missouri ( Arbyrd ) where it is told that three sisters burned inside their home while the oldest was waiting for her boyfriend to come for her. She apparently had a lantern in the window to let him know that it was ok for him to come by.

From what I understand the lantern caught the curtains on fire when they all fell asleep while waiting. The boyfriend never came and the three burned in the house. To this day it is said on the anniversary of that fateful night you will see the light of the lantern roaming the area in a search for the boyfriend that never showed.

This is all of the story that I know.

Senath Light (5)

From: Anonymous
Subject: senath light
Date: Friday, November 07, 2003 2:13 PM

I live in a little town about 7 miles away from the little country town Senath. I have always heard legends about the Senath light from my friends, but did not really get to see it. For example my friend went up there with his best friend, they wanted to see it for theirselves and see if it was true or not. When they got out there they turned off there headlight and flashed them one time. All the sudden a light came from the old railroad bed and came straight at the car. When it hit the front of the car, the engine quit. they turned it over several times before it finally started then all the sudden they heard something almost like a herd of deer running at them. All the sudden they heard a huge noise and it felt like someone hit the car with a semi. They did not spend anymore time there and sped off as quickly as they could. When they got home they could not believe what happened, and went in to tell everyone what happened. Everyone thought they was drunk and everyone ignored them. The next morning he was woke up by his dad because his dad was mad because the back of the car was tore by something like claws or something(something like a panther scratch). Then everyone was wondering what really happened.

However in my personal experience me and my and two of my friends went out cause, one of them was moving away in a couple of days, and we wanted something to remember. When we went out there it was about 11 or 12. We sit out there for over an hour and tried everything we could to see it but could not see any light whatsoever. It was a complete waste of time.

Even though we did not see it, we were not content. About a year later we were bored and had nothing to do, so finally about 2 in the morning we were so bored that we decided we would go see if we could find where the light was at. This time we took a different way to get there. We were about 2 miles away from where it was suppose to be on an field road going a wierd way because we got lost when we actually seen the light. The only thing was that it was going from side to side. It was also changing brightness. We stopped right there, and the light stopped also. What was weird is when we turned my head lights out it was still there, so it could not be my headlights beaming off something. we drove about a half mile on the small field road without head lights, and then I ran off the road into the side ditch. We got out all right but I decided to drive with my headlights. The whole time the light was still in front of us and kept going. We followed the light for about another mile going down this field road and following the light then all the sudden it just like brighten up and hit the whole front end of my truck. The truck like stalled but didn't die. Then as soon as it brightened it up, it went away. We was going to follow it up, but it wasn't a couple hundred feet we ran out of anywhere to drive. we sit there for about ten minutes and me and my friend decided lets get out of here. We went his to house scared to death. Every since then we have not been back, but we still wonder what it was that caused the light to do the things it did, but neither one of us is brave enough to go back.

Senath Light (6)

From: "Amber Eubanks" (
Subject: Senath Light/Arbyrd Light
Date: Wednesday, February 04, 2004 8:40 PM

I am from Jonesboro, Arkansas and all my life I had heard about the Senath Light, either by way of "ghost stories" or from my mother's own encounters. Last summer my friends and I finally got the guts to travel the 45 minutes to Senath, after stopping at a small gas station to ask directions and hear the clerks own story about the light we were on our way. I had remembered my mother telling us about a little cemetery and a house on the corner of the road where an old man used to live that would shoot at you if he saw you driving down the road; sure enough there was the house and the little cemetery not far past it. We drove down the road, turned around, turned the truck off, flashed our lights and waited. Unfortunately we did not see it that time, or the 3 times we went afterwards. We still knew we had to see it, though. We gathered a couple more friends and went out again. This time we sat for 2 hours, we didn't see a thing. When we decided to leave, we were going to drive down to the bridge and go to the cemetery, a huge bright light started chasing us. There was no one behind us at the time we started the truck to leave, but Chris looked in his rear view mirror and asked when a truck had turned onto the road. When we turned around to look at it, it was gaining on us and we were doing about 60 trying to get out of there. When we crossed the road the light disappeared, just like it was never there. The light itself looked like a cars headlights from far off, but as it gained on us we realized it was only one light and it was coming at us way too fast and the light was too far off the ground to be a vehicle. I've never seen a light so bright and it wasn't reflecting off anything or casting shadows around it like headlights would. Everyone in the truck that night is convinced that we saw the Senath Light and we can't wait to see it again!


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