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The Earth's Anomalous Lightforms An excellent page with lots of information and links.
The Spooklight Page Just about the oldest ghost light page around, now back!
Spooklights: Where to Find Them A round-up of famous ghost lights.
Earthlights: International Earthlight Alliance "A nonprofit organization inspiring interest in science through high-tech investigation of anomalies."
Earthlights Interesting entry in the Internet Encyclopedia of Science.
Will o' the wisp Wikipedia entry on will o' the wisps/ghost lights.

Specific lights:

At the Edge: Peakland Spooklights Ghost lights in England.
Old Brewery Spook Light Report of a ghost light in Minnesota.
Illinois Central Spook Light A rather breathless account of a "ghost lantern" that used to appear near Beauregard, Mississippi.
Project Hessdalen Some very well studied anomalous lights in Norway.
Sand Mountain Ghost Lights Ghost lights in Kentucky.
Maple Lake Ghost Light Ghost light in Illinois.


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