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Welcome to the UFO-Free Ghost Lights Page, serving you information on ghostlights, spooklights, and other nocturnal lights. This natural phenomenon is also known as earth lights or will-o'-the-wisps. Here you'll find information and personal experiences of many different anomalous lights. This is a personal, nonprofit site owned and run by one person without an agenda and welcomes both paranormal and scientific articles. This website does not report on UFO's or aliens.

Anson Lights

Updated the Anson Lights page with an original summary and links.

Added a new article describing the most typical characteristics of spooklights.

Up and running!

All the articles from the old website have been added, so please look around. New articles and rewrites will begin soon!

Soon I will be transferring all the articles about ghost lights (also known as spooklights or will o' the wisps) to this website. Stay tuned!

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